Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Just A Moment"

-- September 8th, 2005 --

This is a quick PSA post...

First, I am in need of some assistance fellow Bloggers -- I am looking to change the look on this site and would like to know what I can do and if anyone would be able to help a brotha out? I need a new outlook and a blogroll so the cats who support me, I can do the same.

What's next on the agenda? I'm going to get into the mix with Bush, Condi, Haliburton, and the rest of those pricks. For those who really appreciate it -- heh, heh -- going give an ode to the Missus. I'm going to try and update more and more as time permits -- but I be a busy homie. Right now the focus is changing up the site. Peace. Suggestions needed.