Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Tough Times Ahead"

-- August 31st, 2005 --

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Let me take out this time to send out prayers and wishes to those who have suffered in Hurricane Katrina's wake. I, personally, have family in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Mississippi [practically all] and even though we're not as close as family should be -- I pray that you are all safe and sound.

Because of punk-ass Katrina, the folks up North and to the West, must now suffer. I haven't driven my car since the end of July till this present moment. I probably will not drive my car unless absolutely necessary. Gas prices capped at $3.09 where I am at -- $3.24 and above in Cleveland. I was supposed to see the in-laws [Family] this weekend and it doesn't seem to be happening for fear of not being able to ever return because gas prices are so high.

As I have become older, my focus has shifted from legos to buying the hottest clothes to wondering how good my credit rating is. Although I have yet to get out all of my habits [you can't live without a PS2 or a PS3] -- money is indeed a serious topic. Where I am at, right now, in my life -- I feel like I'm robbing Peter just to pay Paul and I'm still broke in the end.

What can you do when you can only rub two nickels together and only pray for some more loose change? College -- hell, this adult thing -- is a drain. Between books, supplies, and the occasional need to eat -- this gas hike is one more headache not needed.

-- Sorry about not adding on further about the Latoyia Figueroa story, I am working on it. --

On a final note: Keep up the good work, Lady Love -- go for the gusto!


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