Sunday, July 24, 2005

"An Experience To Remember"

-- July 24th, 2005 --

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A relationship is an experience to remember. Hell... it's a social experiment in how long and how strong you can experience another person in your life. Being that other part of you. From morning to noon till night, this person is a big part of your inner circle. You never forego your friends or family, but this person becomes so... much... more.

People will change once you presence this person, whom you believe to be the one. A part of you will indeed change as will your companion. Your family may or may not be pleased with the decision that you make. If your family is anywhere like my family is -- then that is definitely not a good thing. During the course of this relationship, you will go through the trials and tribulations of dealing with the responsibility that is -- dealing with one another.

There are going to be wants, needs, and desires that are going to have to be fulfilled one way or another. Some may be changes that you had never done before. For myself, I feel that for love, I have made some significant changes that benefitted my experience positively. The key thing to acknowledge is -- YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES! The point to remember is that if you learn from your mistakes and keep them from happening again -- it should keep happiness in your home.

Communication is a two-way street. One of the things that I learned is that I may be able to be open with the one I love, I may even be able to accept criticism from her -- but if the fire gets hot and you are always looking for the fire escape instead of the fire extinguisher, then something drastically needs to change. I am in the process of changing that. My ego is another thing. As anyone would know -- the male ego is a fortress, easily bruised. I can no longer feel as if I have to be right.

A relationship is an experience to remember. Remember that and you'll continue to have a lifetime of memories to relish.

Monday, July 18, 2005

"Just A Lil' Bit..."

-- July 18th, 2005 --

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Eminem retires?!!? Wow... whoddathunkit? He can still lightweight spit that fire, but it's surprising that he said that "Encore" was his last effort. Will we continue to hear blazing 16's from him like this guy does?

Wow... I see that a lot of people actually hit me up when I said that I wouldn't be coming back to this place for a minute. I'm still stickin' to the script. It's just that I had some thangs on my mind and would hope that the same turnout I had when I said that I'd be on hiatus is the same that I would have now.

I will be in pre-trial tomorrow. For those who don't know the story... there it is! I pray that all goes well tomorrow. This has been a year and some change in progress and now it's winding down to the final verdict. If all goes well, K-Star the Great can at least put his feet up and breathe easy. Moving on -- word on the street is that the City is awaiting the arrival of that power couple. Well... it's true -- New York City... STAND UP! It'll be almost a year (wow, how time flies...) since I was up there. Geez... last year when I went, my friend Ms. Steele and I were trying to see a free show in Central Park with this movie star performing. Lo and behold, he'll be there with a few friends performing for Black August.

For those who read this and for those who just glance -- let me take the time to thank you all for taking the time out to view this page, nonetheless. A round of applause is in order!

A special shoutout to you. You who are the one who makes things go so smoothly. You are the one who is the driving force behind this powerhouse. As they say, "Behind every strong black man is a strong black woman.." Well, you are all around me -- in front, behind, on both sides, above and below. You are the truth. You have accomplished so much at so young of an age -- have so long to go. You are love. Your goals are attainable and I appreciate so much of what you have given me. The love for you... that I have has never lessened. It is strengthened each and every second while we're together. In so many words... you are love... my Lady Love, and I love my Lady Love.

What's Next?! -- Pre-Trial... Namecalling... and maybe I'll put that Rhymefest Interview in since it didn't run anywhere. When will it appear? Be on the lookout.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"No Title..."

-- July 12th, 2005 --

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I know, I know... my posts are becoming far and fewer in-between. There are no excuses -- it's an annoyance when folks aren't coming to check out your spot. Those who have remained loyal, thank you for your comments and criticisms.

Hood Grown Magazine - July/August issue drops soon near you! should be running my piece as soon as it is completed. For those who subscribe to HHN (Hip-Hop Newsletter) -- my column runs there monthly as well as interviews with SunNY and Buckshot. I have one more piece that I'm working on, but I'm going to try and keep that in the bag. Hopefully, the one that I want to have it will take it and do it justice. But for now...

...with pre-trial coming up soon, the actual trial to follow soon afterwards -- Summer III classes, Fall semester is also rapidly approaching. Enjoying my relationship, working my ass off. One of my nephew's has a birthday coming up -- I'm pressed for time. So, I'm not shutting down -- I'm hopefully going to be in the progress of moving the site soon. But for now, I'm going to take a brief hiatus. Keep up the good work out there! Be Blessed & Stay Righteous.

K-Star The Great...

Friday, July 01, 2005

"A House is Not A Home"

-- July 1st, 2005 --

I want to say, "Happy Birthday," to my Dad. Today is his birthday and although he never really reads this site -- I just want to acknowledge him.

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R.I.P. Mr. Luther Vandross

I don't know about you... but this is just bananas. I guess it was his time to go, but you know man never is happy with God's decision. Luther tried to fight until he couldn't go no more. We'll miss you. My parents' generation loved you -- all respected and admired you, Mr. Vandross.

Also... R.I.P. to Colleek D. Luckie. For those who may or may not know you can check the story here. He was Jay-Z's nephew... many have heard the G.O.A.T. shout him out in many songs -- most notably, "Heart of the City" (Ain't No Love) from the Blueprint Album.

All these souls onward there way home. God bless them for the life they've lived and the life they'll live amongst the Lord. Amen.

To all those -- hug and love one another. You never know when you're name'll be called. Be Blessed & Stay Righteous.