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-- June 29th/30th, 2005 --

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First things first -- the missus and I will be attending the debut of H.G. Wells classic nove -- "War of the Worlds" -- adapted into a film by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Holmes, I mean Cruise... Will give an update tomorrow about the film.

Next, I am proud to say that I got a gig writing for I will be a contributing writer to the Breeding Grounds section of the site. A big step forward for me. I also got a column ("Revolutionary Thoughts") running at HHN -- if you want some more info about where you can go to read that, just hit me up at my email address.


Went to go see "War of the Worlds" was sadly disappointed. Worth the admission of seeing if you're a die-hard Tom Cruise fan. But if you are the one who wants to see an enjoyable movie, either go see this with a bunch of friends so it can least be entertained by more than yourself... or... just wait till it comes out on that good ole' DVD. I won't be the one to spoil it for you, just know that it is definitely what you'll expect the ending to be -- PLUS -- towards the end the film just plain comes up lacking.

What else is new with your boy -- myself and the missus are doing very well, beautiful as always, nah'mean. We're not always on the same page -- but we're reading the same book. Also, be on the lookout for the new June issue of Hood Grown Magazine. You can get a sneak peak of the article that I wrote right here... "Baylo Entertainment".

Also, congratulations to my lil' sister getting her apartment, she's finally moving in today (July 1st) and I know that she is happy because she doesn't have to come back to Kent for nothing. Myself and the missus also took a few new pictures for your enjoyment. You'll be able to see them here -- on Revolutionary Thoughts -- as soon as I know how to do that whole slideshow business.

Aside from the gig, I got a gig writing for HHN. For those who may or may not know it's a Hip-Hop Newsletter that is email to some 90,000 subscribed readers. I have my own column there. Seems nice for the time being, but as to date dealing with on-line Hip-Hop publications have proved to have its own share of headaches.

The missus and I also went to go see the movie, "Rize"...

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Well... all I can say is that you have to see it to believe it. The character development and historical correlation between krumping and African dancing were two of the high points in the documentary. Sorry if I am spoiling it for those who haven't seen it. But I would give this a 2.5 out of 5. The DVD, hopefully, will be better. You know how DVDs now have all the extras in the known universe. "Rize" won't disappoint me in that matter. Also, a message to G-Money -- "Your man would LOVE to see 'Batman Begins'... make it official..." Hahahaha...

With the fourth of July approaching is anyone really questioning our own freedom that we have here in the States. Bush and his cronies are still pimpin' 9/11/2001 for all that it's worth. Did anyone else besides me saw his speech? It seemed as if we were just coming out of 2001, instead of being in 2005. Wasn't the original reason behind all this was to get bin Laden? I mean to this date -- I still don't know where the hunt for Osama ended and the path of destruction known as Iraqi: Operation Liberation began?!!? The reason behind the lackadasical effort in trying to find Osama bin Laden? It's probably because he's still on U.S. payroll. Bush is a bitch and he should know this. But -- so are the American people... because we all complained about what he's done and is doing and haven't lifted a FINGER to protest or castrate this man's power.

Enough of that...

I'm going to end this by saying that like 2004, 2005 has been a great and envigorating year. I can wait to get into 2006. For those who are here locally, be on the lookout for that new issue of UHURU in the Fall. Spring will show a change... not only in the weather, but in terms of In-Chief status. Keep your heads above water -- gas prices aren't getting any cheaper, you hear me?! Peace...


Blogger Dayrell said...

*brain freeze* at all this stuff you are shouting out. LOL. dang brutha, i can hardly keep up. LOL. but kudos to you on doing big things, i will definitely make sure to keep up and read your publications and such.

man kev...i've been sleeping on the movie tip. i haven't been to a movie since i don't know HOW long?? (i pretty much lost figures). lol. and everytime i say i'm going, i always end up in the middle of doing something else. lol. but your reviews sound pretty on point. i did however hear that rize was way better then you've claimed it to be though. lol.

and another tidbit of info if you don't mind: not only did krump/clown style dance derive from african dance, but from the 1992 riots as well. actually the rodney king beating to be exact. however, i heard it wasn't mentioned at all in the movie. well i was told it wasn't b/c of course i haven't seen it yet.

i know this all sounds crazy huh? lol! well, i'll give you the whole scoop the next time we talk.

July 2, 2005 at 8:03 AM

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