Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Where Have The Children Gone?"

-- May 11th, 2005 --

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Guilty pleasures... we all have them. For some it's chocolate, for others it may be sex, or even money. Yours truly likes "The Maury Povich" show. I mean yes, it is a degrading, immoral, depraved show that spotlights mainly minorities (trailer park trash included) in situations that no one with common sense and a belief in God would EVER find themselves involved in. I keep saying to myself that I won't watch this show no more because it may lower my sperm count. But I keep's a-watching.

I titled this "Where Have The Children Gone?" for this very matter -- our society is sick and delusional. It is very apparent that the parenting system, home training, latchkey watchdogs, and more are all responsible in some way or fashion in the destruction of our moral fabric. Take for an example -- a 14 year old girl losing her virginity when she was 13 brings an 18 year old (accompanied by mom) onto the show for a paternity test. There's the typical (yet, hilariously plotted) montage of the guy (or girl) saying how they "really" feel about the person who "brought" them here. What makes it really funny is when the mother or parent is accompanying the child. They are vicious and allow their child to do the same. So, anyways, after the belittling comments (mind you she is 14 years old) -- the girl angrily wants the boy to come out on stage.

"Get the bleep, bleep, bliggity-bleep-bleep out here, bitch!" (You know they always let one cuss word slide... for whatever reason that is, I don't know...) The young man comes onto the stage to a barrage of boos and curse words from the audience. Which prompts the young man to do the one finger salute to the audience making it a give-and-receive fight between him and the audience. Already angered because he believes that he's not the childs' father and that he doesn't like this girl for a various of reasons. Now, I've watched the show a lot and there has been a lot of excuses as to why the man can NOT possibly be the girl's baby daddy. From low sperm count to having one testicle, man has created a myriad of excuses as to why they can't be the one.

Anyhoo, back to the story -- so the girl is going ballistic, calling him every name in the book, even the boy's momma can't step in to defend it. At 18, the boy seems very composed, only stating that it can't be his baby because she lied about her age, slept with his cousin or brother (they bleeped out the name and family relation), and two of his homeboys. When Maury inquired if she indeed, did, lie about her age -- she said that that was true. She said that she was 16 when he was 16 (She looked hella old too). The argument continues -- gets heated, and blows below the belt are thrown. Maury has enough (gotta love it!) -- he has the results in hand. Let's go to the play by play.

Maury: In the results of (insert month of baby and name here) -- "Tony"...
Baby Momma: ...yes...

Maury: are...
Baby Momma (stands up in joy): YES... I told you, you son-of-a....

Maury: NOT... the father...

The girl rises and falls hard as the air is seemingly taken from her soul. The proud, beaming, "baby" daddy -- laughs and begins to pop-n-lock right there on stage. The coup d'etat is running up to the 14 year old girls face and calling her every name in the book as he clicks his heels and runs back to his world of "freedom". ...All at 18... still a child left without a father. A young girl turned into a young mother with a lifetime of regret and mistakes looking her in the eyes for the rest of her natural life. Sucks... but that seems to be the plight with a lot of our young kids nowadays. And they're proud of it. At a club that I went to with my girl, the DJ said, "All the ladies celebrating Mother's Day (yes we were at the club of Mommy Day) -- put your hands up in the air and say OOWWWW!" Girls from the window to the mu'fuckin' wall rose their hands. I shook my head and was like, "Wow..." Too sad. Now, that is not to say that these women aren't proud of their "accomplishments" -- all I am saying that there is a destruction of family's here -- due to irresponsibility.

When I was in High School, the girls who'd bring their babies in to show them off to their friends were instantly made fun of. Nowadays, you have songs (Baby Mama - by Fantasia), you have movies, et cetera all saying in one form or another that it's cool to go out and do the do with whomever just as long as you get yours before he/she gets theirs. It a sad state of affairs that we live in. I, for one, do not wish to be a member of the Baby Daddy Card-carrying Club. So, the question I ask you is, where have the children gone?


Anonymous Billy G. said...

Seems to me that (quite without meaning to be) the "Paternity" episodes of Maury are recruiting commercials for the GOP. There's usually irresponsibility galore on both sides of each guest segment.

I am a police officer. I see ignorant nitwits like those "Paternity" guests each tour of duty. They come in all colors, and....perhaps some of the blame belongs at the feet of liberal Democratic social policy gone crazy. Sad.

May 17, 2005 at 11:47 AM


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