Friday, May 27, 2005

"Tag... You're It..."

-- May 27th, 2005 --

I was tagged by a friend of mines, Dayrell -- while she is out there West Coastin' it. SO... Here goes my top ten favorite things..

Let's get the countdown started off with the number 10...

10. Eating grapes, apples, pears and peaches.
-- Reason being is that I am in the mode to get healthier, so I can live to be 124 and my girlfriend/wife can live to be 124 and 5 months.

9. Going to work at Dairy Mart.
-- I like going because it's third shift, I really don't have to do much of anything... but it's not the best place to be when you want to spend time with that special someone during the weekend.

8. Daydreaming.
-- Ahh, you thought that this would be higher on the list. But alas, it is not. Reason being that although I do enjoy a good relaxing trip through my imagination -- at the present time, the life that I am living right now is far more entertaining than any fantasy that I can really conjure up. I'd rather some of my fantasies become reality, seriously -- it just takes money to make them come true.

7. Potato Chips.
-- I love food. I think I eat too much. I do not want to look like this right here, before I'm 30. But I cannot resist chips. Pringles, Lays, Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos -- any other itos, too!

6. Summer.
-- My favorite time of the year. When you can do all of your vacationing and whatnot. I love playing ball in the Summer, things just seem better in the warm weather. The breezes are even the business. My next goal soon after N.Y.C. is to take that special lady on a special redezvous.

Which leads me into...

5. Traveling.
-- New York City, Manhattan, Harlem, BK. Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower (I am just kidding) -- Empire State Building. Although, I may not be spending a week or longer there, it is my goal to do more sightseeing. Try new foods. It'll be the bomb with great friends and the accompanying of a beautiful, soulful, great, beautiful, Black Queen -- G.P.

4. Deep Conversations.
-- Hell, any conversation for that matter. Those who know me, know that I love to talk and can do a pretty good job of making a convo last for longer than a minute.

3. Attention.
-- My wife says that I am an "attention whore" -- that I crave the spotlight with a furious fervor that eclipses most celebrities vanity. She's right. LOL!

2. TV, Books, Movies, and Video Games [Entertainment].
-- I've gotten into books, with the G&K Book Club (Founded Jan. 2005) -- I have always loved TV and Movies. It is imperative that I see "Crash," "Star Wars III," and "Batman Begins". Not really a fan of remakes -- although "The Longest Yard" looks funny (can't really go wrong with Chris Rock and Adam Sandler). But I really don't think I will be seeing the new Willy Wonka movie -- I thought it was going to be sort of a sequel (in my opinion, would've been better) -- to see how Charlie now runs the Chocolate Factory. Superman will be shitty. The Fantastic Four, eh... I love how they got The Thing to look, but I think that it'll do peanuts when compared to these three movies.

....and now, drumroll please...

[drum roll]

...The number one most favoritests thing to do in the life of K-Star the Great, aka Mr. Clark is...


Sucks that you have to wait, huh?


1. Spend time with my wife, G.P. [she's hilarious, she's my heart], my nephews, and my friends and certain familia whenever the time and pleasure arises.
-- They're family till the end. I have their backs. My loyalty is to them only second to God. That is not a slight to my family, I do love them, I truly do. I just don't have much fun with them like do with these individuals. And as a collective, I know that they have my back and won't do anything to hurt or harm my heart. So, for that I love you all.

Kind of long, but those are my top ten favorite things. Don't hurt me if I should've put something else down. I was just coming off of the dome with that one. Be Blessed and Stay Righteous.


Blogger Dayrell said...

No it's alright K. You have a nice list of collective things here. :))

See we have a couple things in common to. Cool...well, again, nice list. =))

May 28, 2005 at 1:16 PM


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