Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Friend or Foe"

-- May 4th, 2005 --

Not really going to go in-depth, just have a question for those who may or may not visit this site and read the content. The question is: "Can a bond be stronger than family ties?"

Hopefully some people will give their comments, I'll be back to talk about it later.

Also, check out that article written by yours truly at We The Voices. Also, peep out my colleagues, they write some good ish. I also got an interview with Slim Thug there as well. Be Blessed and Stay Righteous.


Blogger Sweet H.S.D. said...

I think what you're asking is can you have a greater bond with someone who is not "family" than you do with actual family. The answer is yes. If there is someone in the world who shows you about what love is more than your mother, father, brother, cousin, etc. has, and that's all you've always wanted in life--to have someone touch your heart is ways you thought weren't possible, to open you up to new things-- then it is a definite yes, and you should accept that bond w/o any doubts b/c that person or persons is/are now your family.

May 4, 2005 at 8:55 AM


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