Thursday, April 28, 2005

"The Evolution of Us"

-- April 28th, 2005 --

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Knowing is growing.

We went from strangers in the dark to basking in the beautiful glow of our relationship in full blown light. A relationship beginning in the strictness of business evolving into a union of love and happiness. I love you, Lady Love.

You are in my blood. I once stated that, "Time has yet to catch up to our love," and you know what? I hope it never does. I don't want it to ever end. The way that my heart yearns for you is what many a man desires to have in their life. It is what makes a good man great. I wake up thinking of many things, but, God and you are the only things constant on my mind. I have loved you even before I met you. My heart has been wanting the person you are. In other words, you are everything I have dreamed of and more.

We went from strangers, to conversationalists, to friends, to friends being in a relationship, to now being in a full-on relationship. The blissful days of being on cloud nine aren't essentially over -- but -- we both know the realness of the relationship. We have had considerable ups and downs. Arguments, debates, tears have all been shared and exchanged. But with the stormy weather comes the sunny rays -- and smiles and laughter have outweighed and outlasted anything that has attempted to stop both of us from our goal. No... not worldwide domination (well, not yet, at least)... but a long-lasting union. Our time together is well-spent. You are incredible. We are both on the verge of accomplishing many things in our life.

I would be a fool to lose you.

There is so much that is awaiting for you and I to conquer and behold. I want to be a part of all of the things, both good and bad, just as long as you are by my side. In life, in love, and in my career, I thank you for being whom you are. Even when we're trying to decide where to continue this future, it's still entertaining just to dream. You once asked me if this is all just a dream and that sooner than later we'll both wake up. I say to you that this is not a dream. This is a beautiful relationship that we have worked hard to keep going. The challenge is can you keep it going? I need you to be in my life for the rest of it -- to continue to evolve. I love you with all of my heart, body, mind and soul! You're the greatest! Keep up the good work, you're the best!


Blogger Dayrell said...

Nicely said. Beautiful, as well. *smile*

April 30, 2005 at 2:42 AM


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