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-- March 28th, 2005 --

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Family is a precious thing. It is the only chance in this life to leave your impression from generation's past onto generation's to come. Similar to the lottery, you cannot always pick a winner. You may get a loser here or there. The difference between that and a child is that a child can grow into whatever you may mold them to be. Do I believe that there are such a thing as "a bad seed" or a "black sheep" -- not really. I think you can only label those kids that when there isn't a chance to really change or grow. Either that or the parents spoil them to a both to where they become rotten to the bone.

That is how my parents feel about my sister and I. Which is funny because as a "child", I can pick out the five things that you do NOT do when you're supposed to be a parent or "functioning adult". I won't go into that right now. "Parents Just Don't Understand" by Will Smith is still a feeling carried on by most children. Especially nowadays, since technology has enveloped most of our daily activities, it seems as if it is necessary for the child to have a DVD player in his room so that he/she can watch Harry Potter 3, while listening to music being played on his iPod. I, myself, love kids. Those are my "nephews" in the picture above. I think the world of them both. They have the potential to be great once the time calls for it. At two and eleven, I have seen similar qualities that they have and differences that they both possess. Strengths and weaknesses. All in all, they are beautiful, young, black boys -- who will sooner than later grow up to be powerful black men.

I say all that to say this -- we have lost our footing as parents. I am not speaking as one, but I am speaking as a result of this belief. No longer do we talk to our children as equal. I don't think we ever have, but the respectability is lost. Many things may come into play -- the lost of innocence that occurs at a young age, the speed and rate to which kids find themselves thrust into the "adult role" of either baby daddy/mama, or living a fast lifestyle. God has become more of a mystery. In my days growing up, I didn't frequent the Church. Bad thing, maybe, does it affect me now as a 22 year old, yes. Not because I feel that I should be all hallelujah (I thought that at a time) -- but it is because I have trouble feeling like I have an honest relationship with God. Parents do not encourage their children to do what isn't status quo or popular opinion. Is it just what is advertised as success or do you think that parents gear their children to be a success through the means of rapper, actor, ball player? (Talking about Black parents...)

I mean LeBron may not be the smartest crayon in the box, but, the boy can speak intelligently enough to be interviewed. Do you think his mother was talking about go to College to get better academically, well-rounded as a young man, or was she hearing the bank calling her name? You know what I think. What do you think? I think the world of my "nephews" they aren't allowed to watch anything that they aren't old enough to see. 'Maine, 2, his day revolves around a Purple Guy with a tail -- aka Barney. Either that or Bob the Builder. X, 11, reads voraciously and likes things that most Black kids his age ain't really checking for. He golfs, plays soccer, like Harry Potter. I commend the family that they have in rearing them. Their mother, auntie, grandparents all have a hand in inspiring them in some form or fashion. I love that. I wish that I can add on to that. I will try. In this day and age, people do not want to take responsibility. They shy away from it. They cower. I was never a coward. I may have been weak, but I was also young -- I am neither now.

I love G.P. -- She is my air, my fuel that my fire burns on, everything. Easter just passed (Happy Belated Easter to everyone) and it was the bomb-diggy at her crib. I gave my gifts to the family and I, in return, got a bevvy of gifts. Lots of candy, chips, teeth-rotting things -- apple juice, gift certificates, and money. I love her family. They are more family-oriented than mines ever was. Not even when we were younger did we have the relationship that hers has. Jealous, some would be, not I -- BUT -- someone is. And voiced their opinion about it, sounding very contradictory.

Question -- If someone says that they love you, but has a problem with the significant other going to see them all the time -- how much love is involved?

Until next time. Check out We The Voices. Up next, Frats and Sororities, The Evil Man Known As... ???? -- Be on the lookout. Be Blessed and Stay Righteous.


Blogger Dayrell said...

Hey Kev. Your nephews are beautiful! Gorgeous! I'm pretty sure they'll grow up to be fine young men. I'm sure of it.

"Question -- If someone says that they love you, but has a problem with the significant other going to see them all the time -- how much love is involved?"

Depends? B/c if jealousy is involved (which is what I'm sensing from the structure of your question), sometimes I see that as a way of knowing that they 'lack' love for you. Reason being...with jealously comes self esteem issues that that person has with themself which, in turn, means that they lack love for themself. And I was always told that, if a person lacks love for themself, then they are un-liable of loving another. (It's just highly impossible no matter how you try to disect it.) Therefore, there's you answer?

Hope I helped.

April 1, 2005 at 5:07 AM


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