Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"The Evil Man Known As..."

-- March 29th, 2005 --

There is a terrible evil that lurks in the hearts of men. One in particular has decided that he will make his presence known in present-day America. He is soul-less, malicious, and doesn't have one nice thing about him. He is pure evil incarnate.

The evil man known as...

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Michael Schiavo

For those that don't know, Mikey-boy is the smart guy who feels as if his wife should not have the feeding tube that will keep her alive. Terri has been supplied with that tube since 1990 when she had suffered from heart failure. Since 1999, there has been a six-year court case in deciding whether or not Mrs. Schiavo should be taken off of this life support. This little devil even released a statement to give his side of the story. Schiavo says in the letter, "The reality is that Terri left us 13 years ago, and none of us can bring her back." The man loves his wife so much that he didn't want anyone to see her. He barred nurses from trying to stimulate his "wife" in 1993 and cut off all therapy. You'd think that he was just saving money. With HMO's and whatnot -- it can be pretty expensive to take care of someone who, obviously, cannot take care of themselves. But -- when you win $300,000 for yourself, and an additional $700,000 for your wife's perpetual care in a medical malpractice suit -- you should be able to splurge at least for a new deadpan and a bathrobe. I wonder how her parents felt about it?

With her sunken eyes and frail body getting weaker as the days pass, you'd think that you would spend at least time with the person whom you fell in love with, whom you decided to marry. Instead, you decide to move on. That's right, ladies and gentlemen -- Mr. Schiavo is a proud father with another woman as the bearer of his children. Where is the common decency? I mean -- love only goes so far. How do you have children... another woman on the side... STILL be married... AND get final say on whether your WIFE lives or dies moreso than the FAMILY who bore and raised her!!!! Most people wouldn't have an opinion on this, BUT those are few and far in-between.

It all sounds suspect. There is nothing that you can do to change the outcome. Not even the President of the United States has more juice than Mike Schiavo! Mr. Schiavo's real name must be Damien -- like "The Omen" -- why? Because of that very fact. The President's of the United States have never been weak, have never been the ones to be put on the back burner for anyone. Nixon's scandals got mad pub, Kennedy is still beloved to this day, Clinton too. So are you to tell me that the man responsible for starting BEEF with the ENTIRE WORLD cannot get a tube into the mouth of a woman in the state of which your brother is the Governor of.

They are all trying to save her life in symbolic way. With blood on the tongue -- trying to give her a taste of Christ. No judge will stave her life. No politician can fight for her. No even the people have what it takes to change Washington's mind. And what does her doting husband feel about that...? The evil that bubbles in this man's soul encourages him to do the one thing that would emphasize his feelings about his wife -- an autopsy.

He seriously wants to kill her. I believe that the other woman in his life wants to shed that title of being the "other" woman and become what she has been for the past five.. six.. seven years. Michael's wife. He keeps getting bitched at at home about it. He looks into the faces of his children and sees that his life is here and he's neglecting it by spending time with "her" at the hospital. He hasn't slept with her since 1990. His heart isn't bonded to her in no other symbol, not even a wedding ring. He probably doesn't even wear it now. He is a certified public enemy number one. He says that he loves her, but is planning her burial.

In the end -- a life will be lost. In trying to fight for her survival, a man who has fallen from grace will be trying to step up to the plate. Jesse Jackson, Mr. Keep Hope Alive, is trying to fill the footsteps of a man who he predated but clearly has been overshadowed by. That man was Mr. Johnnie Cochran. We lost him today due to complications of a brain tumor. R.I.P.

This is a travesty. Period.


Blogger Dayrell said...

Hey Kev. There is some truth to the points you've mentioned as seeing that she passed away 2 days after you wrote this huh?

Ok, let me just break it down like this:

1. Not to offend, but if I was in her condition , I would want my family to just let me parish...and go live amongst the angels. B/c I don't think I can bare to live that way...I've already stated that to my friends and family before.

2. I don't agree with the government intervening, by having say so on whether Mrs. Schiavo lives on dies. I think her parents should solely have that decision because, let's face it, they did bring her into the world right? They birthed her. They gave her life...so that gives them MORE then the right to decide on her life span. More right then anyone else (including the gov't). And if her parents have complete say so, then that automatically mean her family does as well.

3. If her parents want to keep her alive and say that they are willing to be her caretaker, then why don't the gov't just let her parents (and/or family) take care of her for the rest of her life, instead of just removing her tube like Mr. S requested. Obviously you can see (by his actions) that he didn't want to care for her any longer. So instead of just wanting to disallow her life, I think he should of left her with the people who are "willing" to take care of her, in this case being her parents (and/or family).

4. Mr. S is an asshole if come to find out, after the autosy, that he really did beat her.

5. And, it's crazy to me how both Mr. S and Mrs. S's parents keep talking about what they "think" she would have wanted before she came to this veg. state (to live? or die?)...but in all actuality I don't think either of them know...they can only speculate. B/c, I mean, it's not like she put anything in writing before her brain damage? So they can keep fighting until they both turn blue in the face b/c they both will NEVER know how she would have really liked to live her life, although they "say" they know. So in the case of the existence of "not knowing the truth completely" on both sides...I would probably go with the best of the worst and side with her family's request to keep her alive

...but as I said before (and like I told my mother and the rest of my family), if I was EVER in a vegetative state like she was, to just let me die. However, that's just me.

Hope this all made sense. lol.

I'd like to add more, but we can talk about it later...'cause you know how to get at me.


April 1, 2005 at 4:47 AM

Anonymous InfamousSkeptic said...

Hmm.. first of all, I must say i find you're comments to be rather rude and offending. Its one thing to voice you're opinions on the matter, but to call the man evil? what r u one of those lunatic born again xtians? This man has seen his wife suffer for the last 15 years,she is suffering like there is no tommorrow, ofcourse he wants her to have some peace. perhaps outsiders like u should mind their own business, and not concern themselves with the affairs of others.

April 2, 2005 at 10:26 PM

Blogger Jazz said...


April 4, 2005 at 1:26 AM

Blogger Mahogany Elle said...

I think this was so on point -- a very, very well-made argument! Unfortunately she's gone, but it's an issue that I'm sure will come up again.

April 11, 2005 at 11:01 AM

Blogger Dayrell said...

Where you at Kev DAMN?!!???? LOL.

April 12, 2005 at 12:51 PM

Anonymous Bam said...

long time.
How have u been?

April 20, 2005 at 10:55 PM

Blogger Harold M. Clemens said...

Found u!! Yay! LOL
Imma be here on the reg.
To your question: the person whose comment was deleted was my ex-girl tryna start beef wit me on my blog. Hardly the place for cheap shots right? Trust that I leave EVERYTHING up as long as it's not too personal, i.e. bout my damn luv life LOL

May 2, 2005 at 6:29 PM


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