Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"The Year of The Great" (2005 & Beyond!!!)

-- February 1st, 2005 --

I told you!!! I told anyone who would listen. I am the town crier about this shit! 2005 would be the year that I come out and overshadow any and everyone who decides to step into my stratosphere. I am not out here trying to toot my own horn; because I am more humble than that. But I am going to say that I am hustling for a cause that I believe in.

Today was supposed to be the interview with Kweli, but I was slighted on that, which I wasn't too happy about. All in all, Kweli came to my school to speak during the first day of Black History Nanosecond. He was cool as far as his presence being there, but his commentary was sincerely lacking. I think that this is what our Black United Students allotted their money for -- to get Talib-fuckin'-Kweli. Like I said, he wasn't bad -- just wasn't the edutainment quality of say a KRS-ONE or a Chuck D, the latter who has also spoke here at KSU. Without going into too much of the dialouge -- Kweli spoke about his relationship with Mos Def, Hip-Hop, and his beliefs concerning the activism in the genre. A lot of his points were interesting, but most seemed to stemmed from just his occurrences with (insert rapper's name here) or (insert comedian's name here), so on and so forth.

Put it like this -- I overstayed my welcome because I ended up missing out on American Idol... AND it was the episode where they were in Cleveland.

Aside from Kweli -- the reason I put that picture up at the top is to show y'all how good a couple we look. Giving Will and Jada a run for their money.

Speaking of money -- been making very little of it. But the immense experience that I have had these few couple of months will be worth its weight in gold once my talents are recognized. Aside from the Jean Grae interview and the attempted Talib Kweli piece, your favorite neighborhood blogger is going to speak to Slim Thug (...yay...), Mr. Stab-A-Nigga -- Young Buck, NFL Tight End (and KSU Alum) -- Antonio Gates, and lastly not least, want to compile a piece about Harlem's own -- Danya Steele.

Each story is very interesting. Through these means, my talents will grow and mature into something that will be very beneficial to my career and entertaining to you, the reader. A new venture I am working on will be coming on the way -- more as that develops. Also, be on the lookout for http://www.we-the-voices.com -- a new online publication brought to you by Panama Jackson and Co. I am a staff writer for them, and as soon as I know anything further about it -- those who view "Revolutionary Thoughts" regularly WILL know as well.

Also, trying to learn moreso about film -- I know nothing is better than having experience, but this is Ohio that I live in. So, if anyone has any type of advice or connects that they're willing to share, please feel free to hit me up whenever you get the chance to. Either here or at my e-mail address.

Finally, I would like to send a special shoutout to my Lady Love. The pictures came out lovely, don't you think. You're my partner both personally and business-wise. This is a year set for us to work hard and toil to strive for something to be had in excess for 2006. I Love You.

Also, a note for those who wish to throw rocks at the throne. K-Star the Great and G-Money the Diva are a commodity, not something that you can just separate through speculation and he-say, she-say nonsense. That type of thing hasn't happened, but I'm going to just point out the fact that I understand that your momma may have taught you, "if you ain't got nothing nice to say, then don't say nothing at all.." BUT -- If you are approaching another man's woman, and he is right there -- have the respect, HELL, the common decency to say either what your problem is to the brotha OR... OR... just say, "What's up?" and keep it moving.

Aimed at someone specific... if you think it's you, then congratulations!!!! You won yourself a cookie!


Blogger Dayrell said...

The picture is beautiful Kev. Simply beautiful.

Keep up the good work ok. You are destined for greatness. I can feel it. :)

PS: And sorry you missed American Idol to. You missed some pretty good stuff.

February 3, 2005 at 2:11 PM

Blogger MissInterpret said...

Your hater tried to tell me something...and I CLEARLY told him to let it go...life will go on.

Awwwwwwww the Black love...
Think maybe I'll achieve it? I'm plotting...

February 4, 2005 at 1:48 PM

Blogger SMW said...

I love your pictures. You are so proud of your lady. That's what I'm talking about!

Nice blog.

February 5, 2005 at 5:26 PM


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