Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"No Limits -- Resistance Is Futile"

-- December 1st, 2004 --

Life is funny sometimes. It seems like everyday a punchline can be inserted to inject some sort of humor into your mundane existence. The joke doesn't necessarily have to be funny to be funny. One the way to work... already late... and get a flat tire -- funny. We live life to serve a purpose. This meaning for our existence shrouded -- only being shown glimpses in abilities you possess through hereditary or habits learned from parents or other mentors.

It sucks to not know what you want to do with your life. The mystery of not knowing how it is all going to play out. True, you have those who know off bat what they're going to do and have the drive to accomplish that feat. But there are a multitude of people who are like myself and do NOT know what they to do with themselves. Parents can make suggestions, friends can over advice -- but in the end, it is all left up to you. I am beginning to believe that I have a gift with my writing. Friends, associates, many people who choose to just read my thoughts are impressed with the way that I write. I would love to know what I can do with that gift. I know and believe that there is no limit that you can go to if you choose it to be that way. But it is hard to take the sacrifices necessary in order to ensure your survival. The path that I have taken to be a better man started when I came across this thought one night...

"Your desire for success must outweigh your fear of failure."

It is the American dream to be more than well-to-do. To have no worries about how bills are to be paid, to have enough cars, money, et cetera -- to be able to live your life comfortably. We have been shown this through examples on television with our entertainers, our sporting events with well-known athletes, even affluent politicians who had been thrusted into the limelight profit off of the word known as "celebrity". Is that what it takes to ensure that your family has its needs fulfilled?

I do not believe so. Everyone would want their name to be known, to be able to be recognized. It would be a "godsend" to not have to worry about the house note or car not will be paid because the contract you just signed or the bi-weekly check that you received is more than enough to cover anything you wish to have in your entire life. I believe that that is possible, but it doesn't necessarily have to be with those examples listed above in order to ensure monetary prosperity. But this is just a rant from a young man at the age of 22 who is unsure still about what his purpose is on this Earth. The pieces are slowly coming into frame and I am losing fear about my abilities moreso as the days progress.

I am eager to conquer the World. To deny me is to deny my rightful place amongst those who have toiled long and hard to make a change in their life. Add my name to the list. I will be one to remember.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

|c.o.n.t.r.a.d.i.c.t.i.o.n|--hehe..nothin beats the feeling of bein on top of the world. "To deny me is to deny my rightful place amongst those who have toiled long and hard to make a change in their life"..may have to coin this..

December 2, 2004 at 6:46 PM

Blogger NapKaboom said...

"One the way to work... already late... and get a flat tire -- funny."

How about "waking up early for ONCE to get to school on time...getting a flat tire....late for class---funny."

Story of my life

December 4, 2004 at 2:19 PM


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