Thursday, December 16, 2004

"The Boyz..."

-- December 16th, 2004 --

College has to be one of the most rewarding experiences that you can ever have in your life. This picture was taken this year at a party that my boy, Jelani (pictured above throwing up the Kappa Diamond), was throwing. I say that it's rewarding because I've been able to still enjoy the friendship with those who I've known since High School and become as tight of friends with those whom I've met through College.

Us, as Black men, are very unique people. Our personalities, our struggles, our immaturity, our growth, our strength defines us separately, but binds us collectively. My friends are some cool people -- we relate to one another. But... this may sound weird, but... our arguments are the funniest things I've ever been a part of...

Especially between the Twins... I've never seen two brothers go at it like they do. It's a battle for whatever they decide to argue about. Whether it's who gets the car or who has to clean up the room or whatever disagreement decides to rear its ugly head, it's always a show and me and the rest of the guys are there with popcorn and jokes to egg them on. Because you know that your friends are always going to instigate a situation before they diffuse the bomb that's ready to explode. Another cat who's always as entertaining is my boy, 'Quis -- he always so animated, full of energy and you can't argue with him for shit. Duke should be a lawyer, because he NEVER forgets anything and can always uses it for his advantage. I mean it is insane. Him and Jabari will get into it and 'Bari is just like his dad -- full of ANGER!!! ...if necessary... But 'Quis would be the only person that I know who could turn all that fireball of energy and rage into a shrill silence because he wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

"The Boyz" an extension of my crew from High School -- many experiences have been had with these guys. My boy Ranon is one of the funniest guys I know. He can impersonate anybody if you give him enough time to watch your mannerisms. I respect all these people for their individuality and continued striving to be the best in what they desire to do with themselves. I am proud to call them my friends. It's good to have friends in this World, even when you feel like you're alone sometimes.


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