Thursday, December 09, 2004

"The Black Eclipse"

-- December 9th, 2004 --

There must be something in the water. Pod people. A mass hypnosis. Something that has to explain why Black folks have been acting so loopy lately! My friend believes that it has to do with the eclipse that we had in the beginning of November.

The Eclipse Theory

She believes that since the eclipse that happened on that day that Black folks all across the U.S. have lost their natural born minds and became enraged for no apparent reason.

Some reasoning behind this is after the Eclipse, after my friend's pro show the Delta's and the Sigma Gamma Rho's got into a big melee fight. I mean BIG!!!! These were grown women acting like it was the Royal Rumble and the winner gets the championship belt. The fight eventually got broken up by Kent's "finest" as the Greeks left campus quickly in an assortment of automobiles....

...Only to find their way to an apartment complex (where most of them reside) and duke it out AGAIN!!!! This time they have an assortment of items -- a gun here, a knife there. Cops have to return to break it up and the report goes out through the wire that those females were doing it BIG out there that night. That the beef was that serious for them to go through those means of trying to hurt one another.

A couple of days after that -- a fight broke out after a party in Akron. I heard about this from one of the participants. He said that he saw these guys throwing up a sign that was a resemblance of a sign they throw up when they're in the club and these guys aren't from the same hood. So, words are exchanged, shoves and pushes are gradually given out through the rampaging song of Lil' Jon's "What We Gon' Do?!!?" -- a fight escalates. Shuts down the party. The occupants are filed outside where the fight continues; this time involving members of the security and Akron's police. Some of those who fought ran and dispersed getting away in their cars.

A week or so afterwards at SAME CLUB a fight broke out in the parking lot after the club was over. Some football players from an unmentionable University, just walked up to a dude who was poppin' off at the mouth and stomped him like it was Young Buck, T.I., and Ludacris. Duke got laid out like a mink rug. He wasn't moving. The police were on the scene, but those who were a part of it dipped out with the quickness. Nothing really could be done because those who left were so amped that they were talking too fly and it pissed off the cops who were there in the beginning to help them. Sucks for them, huh?

A week later -- the Piston and Pacers game. If you didn't see it... Wow.. You missed out on it. I mean the fan that got clocked by Ron Artest AND Jermaine O'Neal took that mess HARD!!! Ben Wallace should've gotten into it one on one with Artest and ROCKED him. Don't forget the Clemson fight -- I only seen highlights of that on Sportscenter. But still, I heard a dude who didn't have a helmet on got wrecked viciously.

All in all, we're giving people more and more incentive to say that we're overly-paid athletes or thugs with no home training. Do you think that this will continue? Is it because of the Eclipse or because of something else?


Blogger PRINCE CHARMING said...

interesting theory...never quite thought about it that way, but your friend just may have a point. Now if only we'll start fighting against things holding us back instead of each other, the "mass hypnosis" just may be somewhat justified.

By the way, the blog is hella interesting.

December 9, 2004 at 4:31 PM

Blogger Dayrell said...

Lmao! I don't know about this E-theory being the exact reason, but it makes damn good sense.


December 10, 2004 at 12:23 PM


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