Friday, November 26, 2004

"When The Lights Go Out?!!?"

-- November 26th, 2004 --


It is funny how family can be the end of an era. Ol' Dirty Bastard (born Russell Jones) passed away not too long ago. He left this World without naming a benefactor -- no will whatsoever. He didn't make plans to make sure that his family and others would be taken care of in the event of his demise. Sad, but true. My "second" Father, Doc, had a discussion with me a while ago. During this conversation he said to me, "What do you do when the lights go out?"

Now, he was using this in reference to when his power went out and the fact that he kept a lot of lanterns stored for just in case something like that was to happen. But let's dwelve deeper.

"What do you do when the lights go out?"

We as Black folks might be ill-prepared for what life has prepared for us and moreso when we close our eyes for good. How many people do you know have a Will and Testament prepared...? How many people know about their health premium? Or insurance policy? Do you know the fundamental things that it takes to live this life? Not just concerning life and death... just the day to day rigors itself?

I can honestly say that I do not fit into that category. I do not know. Most people know how to get insurance, which I am pretty sure that it's not hard. But myself and a lot of my friends live in the bubble of that we're young and still invincible and that when we get 30-plus that that is when we will start making arrangements and whatnot. I believe that this is a cultural thing. I am assuming in all honesty that White folks do not have that problem. That a child's parents makes sure that this is established long before they reach the age to worry about it and that when they are nearing that age they are informed in the steps that they have to take in order to make sure everything is "take care of." I fall into that percentage of the uninformed. I no longer wish to be in that bracket. My parents didn't instruct me on my health insurance, only to say that you aren't going to be on mines when you turn such-and-such age. I don't know how to go about constructing a will. A part in why I don't is because I am only a newly-turned 22 year old, what possessions if anything do I have to leave behind. What assets? Property? Nothing in my 22 years have amounted to anything. That is indeed sad.

A book referred to me by an old friend which I haven't had the time to get yet was, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," if anyone has heard or read this book, please give me a review. I understand the fundamental differences between Blacks and Whites, and notice that it doesn't boil down to race in this matter. It basically is based upon those who are prepared and those who are unprepared. With the approaching new year and with new goals on my horizon, one of my long-term goals is to be prepared to change the habits of old and grow forward into a better plateau. So that when my lights eventually go out it doesn't last long for those who still remain in the house after I'm gone.


Blogger Jazz said...

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a good book. It's basically about how we view money.

November 26, 2004 at 10:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich Dad, Poor Dad..."The Rich Dad Poor Dad Book; what the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not. Understanding the difference in attitudes - between Rich Dad and Poor Dad - is essential to taking the first steps to financial freedom. The Rich Dad Poor Dad book gives a comprehensive look at how to battle the Poor Dad mentality and adopt the Rich Dad state of mind...learn more about the tools we offer to help you on your journey to financial freedom." ---my suggestion: OWN some property..the best thing you could do for yourself, your children. -cherriblu

December 2, 2004 at 7:24 PM


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