Friday, November 26, 2004

"Turkey Days, Cops, Girls... and Other Stuff..."

-- November 26th, 2004 --

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all those who enjoyed and celebrated the occasion. One thing remains the same over all of my years of feasting at the dinner table with Black folks -- Black people KNOW they can eat some food! I mean -- the macaroni and cheese was inhaled last night!!! Anyways, Thanksgiving was somewhat a depressing moment because I was not with MY family on that day. My family didn't do anything for Thanksgiving, no cooking, no turkey, no cranberry sauce -- so I went with my "sister" to eat with her family and get my fill. Aside from that, it was a great moment. A feeling that I wished I could've felt with those who are my family.

It sucks to have family been miles and miles away. All my extended family live in Louisiana. The last time I recall being down there was when my Grandmother passed away (R.I.P.) -- the last time anyone of my family came up here was when my cousin had a game in Detroit and they were just passing through. It lightweight sucks that we all can't be close like I am with most of my friends whom I consider as family. But I guess that is the way that things go.

In other news, I was AGAIN stopped by the police -- nothing majorly happened, it's just that I have an extreme distaste for the "Boys".

If you do not know the power that you, Black women, have over the mind, body, and spirit of a Black man -- then just check this out.

Turkey Jam was a big thing at this club -- my friends and I went with the inclination that we were going to get up in there and wreck shop. I was there with the Neo-Que's and the Neo-Kappas since I was friends with all them so we get there and the line is down wrapped around the block. The police said that the line was crowding the door and that no one would get in until everyone moves back. Yet, they allowed LeBron's james HS teammates to walk right in no problem. So, people move back but not enough to the satisfaction of the officers and the security staff -- so the police said that no one was getting in... GO HOME! 3/4th of the people bounced out due to frustration and frostbit. We STILL stayed -- my friends just wanted to go in and dance, just get one twurk. I was good. I would've been better off chillin' at the house instead of chillin' with my fingers and toes becoming numb. It was about one o'clock and the club closes about 2:45-3:00. Go figure. Add on the fact that they're taxing the door and it costs like 15 dollars to get in. Would YOU want to go in? I didn't. But they kept seeing the fine phillies through the glass window and wanted to be a part of it. It wasn't money coming out of my pocket anyway, so it was cool whatever we did.

About 1:30 -- they started letting people in and we were a part of that bunch. I get up to the security guy and this is what happened...

Security: "You can't come in with those pants on..."

-- I was wearing some sweatpants...

Me: "Man, we've been waiting here since 12, patient with y'all, moving farther and farther back, still about to walk up in there and pay 20 DOLLARS for about an hour and a half worth of dancing -- and you telling me that I can't get in?!!!!?"

Security: "...yep!"

Me: "You cocky, sonuva---"

Security: "What'd you say?" [menacing look]

Me: "I guess I'll be leaving now..."

Man, them dudes just wanted to be close to some Black females, paid twenty dollars to do so, and was right back out within the next hour. Y'all Sistahs have it good. :)

Hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and got their full. College students make sure you bring back those good leftovers back to the dorm. Be Blessed and Stay Righteous.


Blogger Ivana said...

Sweatpants at the club? C'mon now, I expect more from you.

Tip for getting into the club without waiting in line: bring a white girl with you - works for me and my friends all the time. You wait a few minutes, white girl politely asks the bouncer what the delay is a few times, soon as you know it, you're being ushered to the front of the line. Works like a charm ;)

Or you can get tight with LeBron James. Whatever works.

November 27, 2004 at 5:16 PM


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