Monday, November 29, 2004

"I Believe I Can Fly..."

-- November 29th, 2004 --

I am a hopeless romantic. For a rehabed-cynic, born-again lover, the fact that I am still a hopeless romantic if surprising. Why? Because I believe that there is something out there that can unite my heart to another that leaves us with limitless possibilities to conquer the future. Some may attribute this feeling to G.P. -- which is in part true. I didn't expect or even fathom the feelings that I have for her would even be the case. It. Just. Happened. The other part is that everybody has the innate belief within themselves that there is, indeed, someone out there that compliments the person they are. I see that in G.P.

Although she knows how I may feel, I wonder has she ever looked into my eyes to search for herself? I'm one of those people where actions speak more volumes than words ever could. I look at her sometimes in disbelief, other times in admiration, but all in all I look at her. She always replies with a, "What?!!" -- like I should have something to say, but sometimes a Man loves to just bask in the glory that is a Woman. Which is why I am comfortable with where I am at with her.

Sunday, I finally believed that I could fly -- or at least outrun the police (inside joke...)...

I am not the most devout person. Ernest Angley may have me beat on the religious tip, but I am making the effort to learn. As I have stated in previous articles on this site, I had discrepencies with organized religion and so forth. To shorten it up -- the Black churches in Kent are either non-existent or corrupt. So, I ventured with G.P. to her Church. It was a good feeling. The fellowship was constant -- at every other turn it was a hug here or saying some kind word there. Which was welcomed. Even though I had a slight time adjusting to it, it was a good sight to behold. The Pastor or Preacher -- whatever you want to call him -- was great. He seemingly spoke to me. I would like to return. I know the drive is big -- but I know that it is a necessity for me to grown into a better man.

She was by my side. Any man would say that it's great to have a good woman who can compliment your strengths and weaknesses, but it's better to experience it. I welcome the challenges that are ahead of me with a strength that I never had in past relationships. Without being cliché, I have to say that, she is different. A welcomed change of pace. I want to learn her. Study who she is. As I would hope that the same is to be said from her. I am in a good place. She is a great way to bring in the new year. I never claim to be the smartest man or the best one at that -- but I would be the sheer opposite of those things if I were to let her fall by the wayside.

I am a hopeless romantic. And where this may be my attempt at laying my heart on the line for your reading pleasure, it is my professing of my admiration for someone who has definitely garnered my attention. Which is indeed not an easy thing to do. I believe that I can fly... and I am looking forward to no longer soaring in the clouds alone.


Blogger Dayrell said...

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November 30, 2004 at 7:46 PM

Blogger Dayrell said...

*Pats K on back*

Ooooh, you sly dog you. I'm sooo EXCITED for you!!!! *Cheesin*

PS: Oh, and the FADE TO BLACK update is coming. I just seen it yesterday.

November 30, 2004 at 7:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


December 2, 2004 at 6:51 PM

Blogger NapKaboom said...

"I never claim to be the smartest man or the best one at that -- but I would be the sheer opposite of those things if I were to let her fall by the wayside."

I like it.

Very nice...

December 4, 2004 at 2:13 PM

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