Monday, October 11, 2004

"Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe...?!!?"

-- October 12th, 2004 --

"It's the sign of a sick and insane people... and I haven't lost my mind, yet, thank God..." A man who I consider like a Father to me says that everytime he gets into his rants about what Black folks don't, won't, or just too afraid TO do. It was that very statement that keep ringing in my head the more I read this article. For those who didn't [or don't have time to] read it -- I'll explain myself.

The morals of Black culture are severely out of wack. Maybe in our pursuit of the perception of "freedom" we decided to emulate White folks in everything that they do and... in true African-American fashion -- do it better than them.

This child -- a 22 year old single mother, left her child home alone. While she partied and watched television and movies with friends. As Spongebob Squarepants pranced across the t.v. screen -- her 2-year old daughter laid lifeless. Dying from an agonizing dehydration and a diaper rashed that was the equivalent of a 2nd degree burn.

[Hopefully, this will spark your interest in reading the story for yourself...]

I again state that this is the sign of a sick and insane culture...

Where young men and women are having unprotected sex and are neglectful of the responsibilities that await them either nine months down the road or a few weeks later in the Doctor's office. Where young Black women are having children at ages when they, themselves, are still developing and have to now put their lives on hold for another. The men in these relationships stray away from the responsibility of being a father.

.....Or is this what the White media would like us to believe?

I believe that there are plenty of Black Men stepping up to handle their responsibilities -- it's just that we as Humans like to focus moreso on the negative trappings rather than the positive release of our self-esteem. Take a look at shows like Maury or Jerry Springer. Whose main focus is to shock and dismay you with their antics. Maury's main highlights on the show deal with the paternity test. [A guilty pleasure, if I may add] -- But it is shows like this that really show you how deprived a culture we can become and/or are in some regards. Why? Because we actually have people like this. We actually have people who will have five or six children with the same amount of different partners all who deny any knowledge of ever being with the woman in question. Then demean the woman who not only mothered their children but who THEY chose to sleep with.

It is the sign of a sick and insane culture when you have men not proud of the actions that they took. Worst when you have women participating in acts just to do so for pure pleasure without any regards for what may happen to them or the life that they carry within them. Children are supposed to be a blessing -- a continuing legacy of a union formed out of love and mutual admiration. But what I am seeing is a total disregard for the sanctity of marriage, even the dissolution of respect between a man and woman in any fashion. It's sad when a child has to grow up wondering where's his daddy...


Blogger Dayrell said...

Ya know K--

It is stipulations, like those you've mentioned above, that make a women like me afraid to have children now or in the future. So, I'm glad that you shed light on this subject.

I know someone in a similar situation.

Ok, quick story: the cousin of my brother's girlfriend is 20 years old and already has 3 children of her own. (20 years old man!!!!) She is living paycheck to paycheck and raising her children all by herself. No fathers in the picture at all.

I mean, I see things like that, and I be like...DAMN!!...

PS: Hey, look, check out this post I came across today. It is by a girl named Kiesha. The last paragraph of her post "Black and Bourgeious Part I", is on the same subject line as your post above. Here’s her link: What she had to say was soo profound (in my opinion). And, I really liked it! Peep it out ok! Tell me what you think. :)

October 12, 2004 at 3:06 PM


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