Friday, September 10, 2004

"Rules of Attraction"

-- Sept. 10th, 2004 --

Over the past week and half the school semester has been in few swing. I kept my circle small and the few people that I chose to associate myself with have already made lasting impressions on me. So shouts out to Tra, Matrixxx, Kent, S. Boogie, & T-Nice.

It is always interesting to see how we as Black folks are so attracted physically to the opposite sex. Whether it be the eyes, lips, swivel of a Sista's hips -- we all enjoy the sight of an attractive person. At the beginning of every school semester, Black men and women kind of have their "ritualistic" choosing of those they find themselves most impressed by. And we all know how that goes -- flirting, talking with a big ego, et cetera, et cetera.

It blows my mind to see how certain people are attracted to those who aren't so... appealing...
Which is why I say that, "Everyone is beautiful to somebody." There is something that surpasses the physical that makes the heart melt.

We live in a visual society where men and women are attracted to each other first, then sort out the formalities. Where men and women are subjected to, "Oh, he has good hair," or "She has a phat booty," as topics of discussion when talking about who's attractive. But -- all beauty fades as they say, and it is funny to see that more people do not realize that. Generally, the people I am fortunate to be around are not the materialistic type, but more and more men and women are attracted to that lifestyle lived by (insert rapper's name here). Is it that we're imitating life on BET because we feel that this is the way to attract the opposite sex?

If this is what I have to be attracted to -- or what I have to have in order for you to be attracted to me, then you can keep walking. I'm Mr. Clark -- K-Star, if you're lucky to know me -- and if you can't accept that and the Man that I am with all of my convictions, then you're better off chasing after (insert basketball player's name here).


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