Wednesday, August 18, 2004

"White Cop, White Lies, White Rule"

-- August 18th, 2004 --

[Disclaimer: Be aware of your surroundings.]

On July 10th, 2004 -- two young African-American men were arrested and detained on charges of grand theft auto.

What they failed to mention to myself and my comrade was that we weren't the ones that they were looking for. Instead, they decided to go on their hunch and go about the following means of detaining us.

My friend and I were walking around trying to register people to vote for this year's Presidential elections. The area that we were in was Brady Lake -- a village in between Kent and Ravenna. The event was called, "Captain Brady Parade" -- a hypocritical holiday that white people made to celebrate something so heinous. Captain Brady was a pilgrim who "conquered" that stretch of land by slaughtering its inhabitants. We noticed that all the streets were named after certain Native American tribes -- jacked up, isn't it? Anyways, the "parade" was passing the opposite way that my friend and I were walking. A few minutes must've passed because we viewed the parade on the otherside of the lake. My boy threw his candy wrapper on the ground and right at that moment there was no turning back...

An officer had pulled up in a squad car right behind us with his gun drawn, yelling for us to get on the ground. I had honestly thought that it was because of my friend littering, but he kept ordering us onto the ground. We asked, "WHY?!!" Stating -- "What are we being charged for?" "What did we do?" The response continued to be, "GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND..." Now, it's an alarming moment when a person has a gun drawn on you, no matter what the circumstances -- and maybe it was ignorance or defiance on our part, but we weren't going to do something just because, ESPECIALLY when we didn't know the reason why we were being harassed... being profiled... More officers arrived on the scene -- they finally got us on the ground. I'm laughing (I am a smart ass) -- because whatever, WHATEVER they could conceive charging us with could not have been done by my friend and I. So, with the belief of being innocent firmly embedded in my mind that gave (at least) me lead-way in acting the way that I did and asking the questions that I did. After they had got us on the ground on our stomachs, they placed the handcuffs on us. Immediately they went into our pockets, searching us both. Whatever they found or didn't find -- we didn't know what they were looking for at the time. Now, being handcuffed and them thinking that they "diffused" the situation -- begun to ask us some questions. One being, "How did we get here?" Stupid, yes, I know -- but I told the officer that my friend picked me up from my house and we rode here together -- that we were parked next to the work van that the other employees arrived in. The officers didn't believe us.

That's when it hit us...
Better yet, that's when they told us...

That we were suspect in grand theft auto. I broke out into laughter because they had NOTHING ON US!!! Nothing at all. Hell, they pulled out OUR car keys to OUR cars out of OUR pockets. The nerve of these people, I'm thinking -- they'll surely have to let us go now, because they have nothing on us. That wasn't the case. State Troopers arrived -- for those who are reading do NOT understand -- we were handcuffed at work, in front of strangers whom already declared us guilty in their minds because we were the ONLY two Black people in Brady Lake -- so we HAD to have done SOMETHING. They picked me up and instantly I thought that they were going to Rodney King my boy because of our talking back. By the grace of God, that didn't happen as we were both placed in separate squad cars. While I was in the car -- the Trooper told me what happened...

"Two men who fit your description -- stole a car on Route 225. That car broke down, the engine blew up. They stole another car, this time they wrecked that one. Finally, they got a ride from someone into Ravenna. You both fit their description -- now, one of two things'll happen -- either the witness says that you're not them, and you can go -- or you're the ones and we'll have to keep you here for a few."

I thought the Trooper was bullshittin' -- I mean not only were we WORKING -- our co-workers came up while we were being detained and vehemently said the same sentiments. But to no avail, we were at the State Troopers Station. Now, I'm livid that I am here for something that I didn't do -- on the orders of a man who had a loaded firearm drawn upon me and my friend. They were talking about keeping us there for FIVE HOURS!!! (Later found out that they could've kept us there till Monday just on the suspicion)

The witness somehow came and we stood outside the station and he/she/it said that we're not the ones. (Insert "DUH" here)

The outlook that I had on white people and cops in particular was reaffirmed, true -- these officers were just "doing their job" and protecting and serving. But while they were protecting their honor from being outdone by a few criminals and serving their "justice" to two unsuspecting young men -- WE had to endure an experience that most shouldn't have to go through. Not only did we not get an apology from the Brady Lake "police" -- they couldn't even look us in the eye upon returning to get our car.

In the words of Doc. Dorsey, "I wanna OWN Brady Lake..." I agree with his feelings -- but what I did learn is that you must always stay on your toes, you must always stay ahead of the game because when they try and snatch that rug from underneath you, YOU have to be able to have something cushy to fall back or forward on.

Currently, we seen our attorney who is trying to figure out if we have a case (seems like police have a sort of immunity when it comes to being sued -- something about "good faith"). If we do have a case, trust and believe that we'll be pulling for the fullest extent that we can get in monetary redemption. I sincerely believe that we do have a case because if you read this story back and forth -- you too would say, "I don't see how you COULDN'T have a case..." Well, I pray that this comes true. Bear with me, I'll keep y'all updated.


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