Wednesday, August 04, 2004

"Vote or Die -- 2004"

-- August 4th, 2004 --

This is my first post of the August month -- hope that you enjoy the read.

VOTE OR DIE -- 2004!!! A slogan created by P. Diddy for his "Citizen Change" campaign. I really believe that this will be the year that the awareness of the corruption within politics comes to the forefront. I applaud Diddy and egomaniacal ass in putting his money where his mouth is (so to speak) and is trying to make an effort in informing the masses about the disease known as Bush.

Don't know if anyone who's reading this watched the Democratic Convention -- I, myself, didn't get a chance to peep all of it. But -- Barack Obama -- I say it again, BARACK OBAMA, looks so promising for a Black People's future, doesn't he?!!? In my opinion, the brotha is qualified to do more than just be a member of the U.S. Senate. But -- the entire Democratic party seems to be vibrant with energy -- they must've all went to go see Farhenheit 9/11 before they came out and delievered their speeches. Go see Farhenheit 9/11 if you haven't seen it -- even if you HAVE seen it, go see Farhenheit 9/11.

I implore you, the reader, to vote this year as if your life depended on it. Hell, if you're below the poverty line, a minority, a homosexual, a woman, shit -- even handicapped, your life does depend on it. The majority is the minority in this issue where only 1% of the populace matters. Bush recently declared from a third party source that terrorists will be again attacking the United States. I pray to God above that this is not true and will not happen. But doesn't it seem like we're living in the United States of Slight-of-Hand Trickery? I mean during the past few years after the dust settled from 9-11-01 (R.I.P. to those who lost their lives) -- that whenever doubt or questions arose the focus was quickly shifted to Saddam or terrorist are threatening to attack this location, or anthrax scares, or some type of diversion. Now, the cases that were proven fact are unfortunate, but -- NOW, with threats of postponing the election for fear of a terrorist attack sound -- in my opinion -- ludicrous!??! Why would an Arab, or Islamic man or woman (for that matter), or Osama bin Laden try and stop John Kerry from taking political office? To justify a reason why Bush should stay as Dictator-in-Chief?!?

This is preposterous -- and the American public will NOT go for this anymore. In every facet of media, et cetera, those who are "progressive" thinkers aren't letting Bush's back-water tactics reign supreme here in the States and abroad. It's unfortunate that your kids and future generations will have to hear stories about how the people put in place to protect you destroyed it all for greed and profit. On the positive note though -- it's slick to see my Black brotha's and sista's ARGUING about politics. It was on the level of how you need to go out and VOTE -- and if you don't you cannot be mad about the end results.

To end this article -- I must say that the Republicans sure know when a good thing ISN'T on their side. I mentioned earlier about Barack Obama -- well, it looks like the Republicans are trying to get a Black Republican (YES, there is such a thing...) -- to run against the Democratic Obama. Either Alan Keyes (he ran for President in '96 and again in 2000) or Andrea Grubb Barthwell are the candidates to run against Obama. Now, this is how that whole "race card" thing applies, in my opinion -- Keyes isn't even a resident of Illinois (resides in Maryland) and would have to move there before the Election. Barthwell lives in Illinois, but she wasn't deep into the politics either. All in all -- I believe that they will not have what it takes to knock Obama off of his high horse now. They (the Republican candidate) only have three or so more months to raise money, whereas Obama has $10-million plus raised for his campaign. Obama has national exposure AND gave the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. Meanwhile, you have Keyes who is villified in the Black press for his viewpoints against abortion and affirmative action, and Barthwell -- a relative nobody in the national media's eye.

Good luck, Obama -- hope that he makes the necessary changes. To you, the reader, VOTE OR DIE -- 2004 till Infinity.


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