Sunday, August 29, 2004


-- August 29th, 2004 --

"New York, New York..."
-- Frank Sinatra

First off, before I begin this article -- shouts out to all my Puerto Ricans out in Harlem who I met at City High and Jimmy Jazz's. Also, peace and blessings to Miss Thang doing it BIG in the world of journalism.

Okay... I have overcome my religious philosophical phase that was being highlighted in my last few articles. Not saying that it was a "funk" that I was in, moreso a phase. Back again is the upbeat and hyperactive Mr. Clark.

The K-Star Tour began in Dayton, Ohio. I visited a colleague at the Univ. of Dayton -- this Sista is very ambition and driven to succeed. All in all, long story short -- just saw the movie "Collateral" (GREAT MOVIE!) and moved onto the next destination.

Toledo, Ohio (yeah... kind of a lame city, no doubt...) -- I went to go visit my co-defendant, my ace at the Univ. of Toledo. While I was there I met this Sista who is very cool peoples -- even though I didn't stay too long the time spent was really good because they are both two very genuine people in their own right.

Meadville, PA. -- Sort of like the version of a city I reside in here in Ohio. Very much a college town. Went to visit this beautiful Sista who's personality I admire and qualities I find very interesting. Had to drive like four hours just to get in arms length of this female. But when I got there it was a great time. (Your roomies are a trip... vicadin, anyone?!!?) I hope that you get that money soon enough, would hate for you not to be able to go on that trip.

Lastly, my travels brought me to.....


Damn -- a part of me never thought that I would see the City. But as I crossed into Jersey and heard Funkmaster Flex's annoying ass on Hot 97 -- I became increasingly hyped about where I was going to end up. I ended up taking the George Washington Bridge into the City and the first place I went was Mt. Vernon to visit my boy -- hell, it was like fourty-five minutes to an hour JUST to get to his crib because I wasn't prepared for driving in New York. It is definitely a hassle. So -- note to self -- get rid of the car before I move up there. When I got there it was pretty late, so all we did was freestyle rappin' to his self-produced beats (got some heat in there too...), listened to some music, and talked about events happening that week in the City.

I left and went to Harlem. Got into a low-rent hotel and fell asleep. Now, this is how out-of-townish I am. I was so worried about the conditions (roaches) that I slept with all the lights on and the television on and fell asleep on top of the covers. My eyes closed to the sounds of "Silence of the Lambs" and awoke blurry-eyed to "Steel". I didn't even sleep, hell, I passed out. I swore that I wasn't going to go to sleep, so I figured that my body just gave up. Once I checked out (which they asked me to do, very rudely...) -- I went down to City High and another Urban clothing store that was right next door. The second store had this sexy Puerto Rican chica (the first one did too, but this one was sexier...) -- who enticed me to buy these pair of Akademiks jeans. She was the first pretty face that I paid attention to since arriving there. So, after I got out of the place (side note: the people pretty much do things like they do in Cleveland when it comes to selling you clothes, it may say $76.00 on the tag, but you'll walk out of it paying $55.00, word is bond.) -- I walked back up to see how much time I had left on the meter and that's when I saw that the Boys were out.

The NYPD Blue -- was investigating the death of someone in the hotel building that was right NEXT to the one that I was sleeping in. The guy was shot to death. An employee had pointed me out (TRUST -- I was shook for a second...) to say that I was a customer, and an officer came to talk to me. Hell, I didn't know him and I damn-sure didn't like the police (allergic) -- but he wasn't disrespectful, at least. So that was my -- WELCOME TO NEW YORK -- a murdered guy and a crime scene.

I took the train to Brooklyn, afterwards. Interesting. The home of Biggie, Michael Jordan, 'Pac, Jay-Z, and Denzel Washington is a crowded place. You HAVE to fight just to get your point across. I LOVED IT!!! I was conversing with so many people on just the most stupidest things. Talking about the guy who didn't look both ways before crossing the street before he came close to getting ran over. Laughing at the bum trying to hit on the sexy Sistas for more than just some spare change. I swear I sat on a Brownstone for about four hours straight just chillin' with these cats who were straight fools.

I stopped at Jimmy's -- even came close to trying to buy a cheesecake from the spot that Diddy sent Da Band to. Took pictures in front of the Welcome to Marcy Projects sign (whattup Jay) and took the train back to Harlem.

I really fell in love with Harlem. For those who know me, they know what city I scream out if I was to ever be from or live in New York. But I really enjoyed Harlem. New York itself -- is a VERY entertaining place. In every store it seemed like it was mandatory to have a sexy woman running up to you to ask you if they could help and I took every opportunity to flirt and get a date (I had three in the time I was there). Everyone is about money there. I mean from the Africans trying to braid your hair to the dude on the corner selling Newport cigarettes, to the Sista with the hot cheetoes breath asking you for a few dimes just so they can go to the store and buy some milk -- everyone was about dollar and cents.

The streets of Harlem itself seemed like a job amongst businesses. The hustlers were bargaining and selling their wares, while regular staples like Magic Johnson's theater and Starbucks were introducing Harlemites to the "New Renaissance". At about four o'clock -- the bootleggers rolled out their carpets. Now, bootlegging wasn't new to anyone, ESPECIALLY me -- but it was interesting to see how quick they got things. I mean I had JUST went to go see "Collateral" and there it was on DVD for five dollars. But I'm not into that, so I couldn't really go for it.

The next day -- I had went around Harlem, walking up and down 125th street. The Apollo needs renovation (kind of like how the Oscar Ritchie building does too at KSU), Lenox and 125th is easily the part of Harlem where most Muslims just chill out. (Side note: Brothas really do that street workout stuff that was in B.I.G.'s "Juicy" video in Brooklyn) -- The women in New York are F-I-N-E.

Later on that day, I went to go see "Hero" -- not that good of a movie. But "The Grudge" and "Forgotten" are two movies that will be mos def seen by me. Finally, I met up with my colleague as we got to know each other and just spent the rest of the day feeling each other out. My boy from Mt. Vernon said that Mos Def was performing a free concert in Central Park at about eight o'clock. So, we were game to go. Which brings me to this question...

Why aren't there any lights in Central Park?

Really -- we need to start a petition on this right away. I mean, no wonder people get robbed and raped there -- you can hide ANYWHERE! There are absolutely no lights there except for ones that highlight signs and certain directional markers. So, we got lost in the Park, and I am laughing because this is her part of the City. The journey to find Mos Def -- we entitled it -- and it was a funny one. Asking people if they spoke English, trying to find directions to the show -- only to find out that it was free up till one o'clock. Horrible, so we decided to fall back on our other plan. ...To visit the Nuyorican Poetry Café.

I've heard about this place when I was younger and in some poetry circles that I used to frequent as a teenager. But I had never, NEVER thought it would be like this. The event was a Poetry Slam -- it was great. Something I'll never forget. The energy was great. The vibe was memorable. The experience was an eye-opener.

This is where I need to be.

I can't wait to go back in November to go back to the Nuyorican and plot my path as a great writer and entrepreneur. I just can't wait. Peace and Blessings.


Blogger Dayrell said...

Sounds nice Mr Star. Makes me want to pack up and head for NYC tommorrow. :)

September 15, 2004 at 2:37 AM

Blogger Jazz said...

I'm in love too.

September 15, 2004 at 8:41 PM

Blogger Jazz said...

I'm in LOVE with NEW YORK! Your pictures make the city look amazing.

September 28, 2004 at 7:25 AM

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