Saturday, August 14, 2004

"Black Love" Pt. III

-- August 14th, 2004 --

First off, shouts out to my friend Candace who finally got out of her mom's crib and into her own place. Now, only if I could do the same. Hahahaha!!! Also, shout out to Ms. Harris for continue to strive for achievement in academia.

After coming from Babylon (aka Club Kaos) -- and dropping off my peoples, I began to wonder about the state of Black relationships. Are we, as Black males, on the same level with our female counterparts? Are we advocating interracial relationships by not working out solutions and problems with one another? Do we trust one another? Are these problems or merely obstacles? Is the criteria for the male exceedingly different than that of the Black woman? Do we feel as if there is a future together -- whether be in business, a relationship, or otherwise?

You, the reader, feel free to answer these questions and maybe pass them along...

I once stated to many whom listened to me that I would NEVER be married or have kids. Why? Because I felt that a female would never be on the same level as I am. A part of me still feels that this is true, but I also think that we're not meant to be on the "same" level. Each thing must complete the other, in a sense. I still think, right now, that I'll never be married -- but the reasonings have changed. I assume that I won't get married because the word "love" no longer applies to a relationship. I previously stated that we're a "desensitized, overly-sexual populace" -- which I believe to be true.

Sex is the nature of the game, how it makes us feel, how we place value in us through it has been the stigma of not only Blacks, but seemingly Young America. But the rest of the race of America is not my primary focus. YOU ARE!! So, I implore with you, Young Black America and even Old Black America (if there is such a thing -- everyone is "young" these days, aren't they, Hov?!!?) -- to stand up and recognize the potential in yourselves and the mate that you wish to choose to spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE with. Look in regards to your surroundings, your home life, hell, if you're in a relationship -- take a look at how well you value its worth. It is worth it for you to continue being a part of it? Is it something that you can see headed towards the future, seeing years pass by a mere memories? Or do you feel that there is a barrier between yourself as a Black man and you as a Black woman? Do you feel that you, as a Black woman, are objectified and not given the proper respect by a Black man whether he be son, boyfriend, husband, or mere passerby? Do you feel that as a Black man that you are respected and given the courtesy as a man to not only make decision but to own up to the responsibility of your actions and feel as if you're treated... like a man?

Whether you do or you don't -- the object of this article is not to have a bleek outlook on the state of Black Love -- it's to determine whether or not the love is still Black? Meaning -- soulful, honest, and true to the spirit of us as African-Americans. Where respect and dignity go hand in hand in not only treating your fellow brethren, but as well as your family. Where honesty and intergrity are not taboo? Where questions like, "Do you have any kids?" or other stereotypical questions are no longer asked because Men say what they say they do and Women do the same?

I long for those times to be a reality, because it hasn't been a part of my generation. I implore you -- love each other, be blessed and stay righteous -- before it's too late. Because being single is solitary -- and no one loves to be alone.


Blogger It's DANYA, Damnit! said...

LOL don't think a woman will ever be on the same level as you?

You know, if I weren't such a Supra-Feminist who honestly believes in the superiority of the Double Y Chromosome, I'd be offended!

LOL but, since I look down on men anyway, I pity yo' foolishness, my brovah. :-D

August 29, 2004 at 8:38 PM

Blogger K-Star said...

I also stated that that feeling has changed, altered in a sense. :) And even if you were a supra-feminist, you still couldn't deny that Black men and women are at some sort of odds when it comes to the words commitment & relationship.

September 2, 2004 at 2:27 AM

Blogger It's DANYA, Damnit! said...

Well it's not "if." I really am a Supra -- not "super" -- Feminist. "Supra" speaks to superiority. I honestly believe women have superior capacity to the sense that we, as human beings, have superior capacity to dogs.

But dogs DO play their role, and life would be boring without them, so I don't like saying "superiority." I'd rather say "Greater capacity." The funny thing is that I am actually very serious; it sounds like I'm just trying to be cute and wanton, but I'm serious.

I wrote this as a post in my own blog way back when.

September 2, 2004 at 7:20 AM


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