Monday, August 09, 2004

"Black Love" Part II

-- August 9th, 2004 --

Before I get into this post (it's funny how I usually write these late in the night) -- check out this interesting thread about "The Crisis of Black Males". It's truly a good read. Also, another empowering thread about, "The Beauty of Blackness..." is another must-see.

In my first post I professed my love for Black women. In part two of this three part series, I will be discussing my fears and hopes for the relationship between Black men and women. I believe that lack of communication and similar goals between us are a deterrent for why we cannot see eye to eye. We cannot tell one another what is it that we want or feel what is necessary to contribute to a healthy relationship without becoming angry or feeling less of a "man" because our women make more money than you, or becoming an insecure "woman" because of the status that your man worked hard to attain. More Black women are entering into higher education -- it has been like this for at least five to six years, if not longer. Why? It's a two-sided deal. On the one side, White America portrays the Black man as shiftless, lazy, and unable to provide for self. On that end, we, as men, fall into that trap and figure the means of making a living is to make it as "best" we can. Through any means necessary, whether it is a legal hustle or profited from illegal means. But, on the other end -- Black men, themselves, are no longer really motivated to venture onto College campuses (other than to frequent the Black frat/soror party or hype social event). Why?!!? Again, because we perpetuate the stereotype that has been our label since birth.

So, with those differences established -- it's already hard for one to cope with the other when they're on to different levels. Couple that with the death of chivalry, respect and common dignity for the opposite sex and you can see why there is no worth in maintaining a relationship with either Black man nor Black woman.

But I don't want you to think that I see the glass as half-empty, so let me give you a few of my artistic works of poetry to help some people understand that Black Love does exist and that it is there if you work hard for it and work harder for yourself.

"Soul Sincere"
By: K. Clark

No more empty words, hollowed out by the harsh way that I`ve treated you,
Never wanting again to ever hear the pieces of your shattered heart on the floor,
Exhausted from all this tireless arguing,
Lonely at night in an empty bed, longing for my arms to hold you tight,
Missing the silohuette of your frame dancing in front of the candlelight,
Longing for my lips to touch yours,
I know all you need in this World from me is my Love,
Honor and devotion -- I`m ready to give my all to you,
A Man`s promise -- a few words to let you know that my Life isn`t complete without you,
As a part of its plan -- I am so sincere,
So sincere... so... sincere... soul... sincere....
Sincere within my soul to know that it`s not Home without you,
Feeling violated whenever another Woman looks at me -- and I`m without you,
Ashamed that you left the way that you did,
Knowing now that you`re in his arms,
Believing that you loved me a thousand times more,
Sitting in this empty place -- pictures of you and I strewned all along me,
Memories jabbing -- reminding me of the Love that I lost,
Love that he gained -- a mishap that I wish I could take back,
I am not going anywhere -- Love between you and I is stronger than anything that you and him could ever share,
I promise that my Life can`t be lived fully without our Love,
And as I am reminded daily about what I could`ve had in my bed with me tonight,
I will be sure to Love you in the morning,
And forever on -- I know you`ll feel this...
Because we`re soul sincere...


"A Man`s Worth"

Almond brown eyes visualize your essence,
Only wanting to be apart of it -- to fulfill a desire,
Tired of half-hearted promises and empty words,
Exhausted with the tireless searches for Love,
Only to be found in the wrong places,
Ears ravaged from the constant arguments -- but deep inside resonants an inner truth,
You -- a strong Black Woman -- is what keeps me whole,
With feet planted on firm ground,
Eyes staring at the future and arms embracing your spirit close to mines,
Lips willing to speak the Truth to you in the presence of the Lord,
A Heart and Soul yearning to be united in a loving and strong manner with you,
A Man`s worth is measured in the way the Woman is valued,
And not everyone sees that -- sight blinded by the evils that plague us,
Never let your value in us become worthless,
For you are worthwhile -- and for the sake of these words -- you, as all Black Women, are priceless...


Blogger Dayrell said...

Nice post. The amount of togetherness expressed in the Blk man and women is indeed very powerful...strong, vigor, or what have you

August 31, 2004 at 10:40 PM


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