Monday, July 12, 2004

"A Generation's Despair"

-- July 12th, 2004 --

"Either you're sellin' crack rock or you have a wicked jump shot..."
- Notorious B.I.G.

FUCK RAP MUSIC... Long live the awe-inspiring power that is Hip-Hop. What our generation is experencing is the decay of a once-great nation. We are, and have been for the past decade or so, steadily declined into a state of mindless slaves. Free, yet chained to the influence of White America and its stranglehold on our culture -- using its influence to capitalize on every viable endeavor that we embark on. The reason why I am digressing on the state of Black affairs is because we are a dying people, but a rising commodity in White America. Our style of music, once branded as a trend or a fad, is now playing in McDonald's commercials. Gone are the days of our music's mysteriousness. In correlation to our continuing plight as an ailing people, I state the obvious -- we are a faux image of what we should be. In the eyes of White America -- we'll be nothing more than a traveling minstrel show, perpetuating our own negative images onto ourselves. More of our Black men are more interested in pursuing wealth, acceptance into White American mainstream, than going to College, helping their people get into a higher forms of education. Why are we missing the point? We are celebrating the ones who are imprisoning us to stereotypical slavery. Not saying that Jay-Z, Lil Jon, and others are symbolism of evil -- but they are tools or pawns of some kind. There is no balance or foot rooted in the realism of today. Black males are behind in educational and financial growth. Our generation contributes to over 80% of the United States economic wealth -- only thing is that that figure is the amount spent on materialistic pleasures. In a recent post at, "The Cocoa Lounge; 'Blacks Don't Read'," it was stated that Blacks are ignorant, selfish, and greedy. Sentiments stated by a "white" man -- but with valid reasoning. So, to say that I wasn't upset is an understatement. It alarmed me to the fact that while our youth is seeing "Tip Drill" and "not giving a damn or a fuck," we're going by as if nothing is really wrong -- happy... smiling, grinning for the camera. Now, I, for one, am not about to condemn my people without offering some solution. But this is a diary entry -- not a public forum of discussion. So... I'll save that for another time.

I applaud Bill Cosby for his recent statements and furthermore advocate more of our younger "hipper" entertainers to step up and reinforce these sentiments. Why?!!? Because as the Cos was "America's Favorite Father" in my younger days, he is now this younger generation's Grandfather. So, to have a Mos Def or Jay-Z to continue to advocate for the changes necessary for our economic, spiritual, and educational survival would be a welcomed changed than being vilified by our peers as "the lazy generation" or by Bill O'Reilly as, "incapable of assimilating into competitive society." All in all, I feel that correct English should be a requirement for our youth to understand and speak fluently. We are "natives" here, ladies and gentlemen -- our tongues do not sway into foreign waters. Now, I understand that amongst ourselves, whether that be in the guise of music or other entertainment venues (i.e. movies, t.v.) -- I can understand the hipness of "Ebonics" or "Slanguistics," but when I interview a brotha coming out of a University with a degree, I expect to hear an intelligect young man with viewpoints that reflects his years of education. Not a mind conjoined to the lyrics of, "Whistle While You Twerk," trying to get a position in my company.

I want our people to prove our doubters and conspirators wrong. To become a strong, unified front against those who wish to throw rocks at the throne. We are the trendsetters, the innovators and creators of everything that makes this country vibrant. Let us not plummet to the depths of flirting with extinction through means of numbing our creativity -- limiting us to being strings on marinets with White hands corrupting our actions and stifling our growth.


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