Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"Black Love"

-- July 28th, 2004 --

"You know what some people put themselves through to look just like you?

Dark stocking, high heels, lipstick, alla that.. You know what?
Without makeup you're beautiful,
Whatcha you need to paint the next face for...
We're not dealin with the European standard of beauty tonight,
Turn off the TV and put the magazine away,
In the mirror tell me what you see,
See the evidence of divine presence,
Women of the, Carribean, they got the, golden sun,
I know women on the continent got it
Nigeria, and Ghana, you know they got it..."
-- Talib Kweli from "Brown Skin Lady"

Before I begin the aforementioned post, I must say that there is some things that you need to read about. On about Osama's half-brother, interesting post right here. Also, a sort of a call-to-arms about Hip-Hop and it's state of affairs as of lately written by Andreas Hale, right here. Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled post.

I am writing this for you, Ms. Angelou, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Clark, Ms. Scott, Ms. Stone, the images gracing this post -- the unnamed Black women who personify strength and distinguished character. Let me emphasize this for you, the reader, I LOVE BLACK WOMEN!! I love the way they move, walk, talk -- their strength is a magnetic force to my being. You are a continuous inspiration for everything I do (in addition to God -- being first).

I write this for my sister, Jara, Ms. Nina Simone (R.I.P.), Mrs. Louise Davis (my Grandmother, R.I.P.) -- Ms. Lula Mae Johnson (my other Grandmother, R.I.P.), my big sis, Samantha, my homie, Candace. I applaud your intelligence, your constant endurance through the rough times, beautiful smile during the good ones.

The women mentioned above have all in some ways been an inspiration to me. In one way or the other, these individuals have left their impression on me in my appreciation of the fairer sex. In short, the man that I have become and will continue to evolve into will be a result of not only my actions in my own life, as well as my interactions with you. So, I say this to you -- be wise not to fuck with me -- I may be one of the last good men left.


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