Wednesday, June 16, 2004

"Revolution In Print"

-- June 16th, 2004 --

This is my first of, hopefully many, posts to give you -- the reader -- an insight into my workings of being a young, Black, and gifted twenty-one year old male who currently resides in the Midwest.

Startling, as I begin to write this diatribe I am watching a special on, "Why O.J. Won," on A&E. Now, seeing as how the program just began, I'll save my comments for after the program airs... BUT... seeing as how people have been all enthralled in the 10-Year Anniversary of the "Trial of the Century." My personal thoughts are of confusion. Why, you ask?! The reason being I was in grade school when this trial was originally taking place, so my conscious was not being fed daily doses of reality by my parents in rural Ohio. Nor was it enhanced by being in a Catholic-stronghold known as my elementary school. But I digress, at that young age -- my only symbiotic union to this man known as O.J. Simpson was that we were both Black (i.e. African-American, Negro, Colored, whatever we are right now...) -- So, feeling compelled I had to root for someone who's odds seemed sooooo... insurmountable. Now, when O.J. won -- I admit I was just happy to see the Brotha get off! Even when Nicole Simpson's fam tried to bleed O.J. dry, by taking him for all he's worth -- I thought, "Well... it's not right, he was found NOT GUILTY, why are they taking his money..?"

But, now, ten years later -- I think that maybe, JUST maybe, O.J. had a part to play in it. He may have not committed the act with the knife, et cetera., but I think that is a secret that he knows all too well what the truth is about what may or may not have happened that night. I mean, what man in his right mind commands a different monetary fee for interviews. Cashing in on a crime that you weren't guilty of... for what?!!? I mean, I would leave it alone, let it stay buried -- ESPECIALLY if I am NOT GUILTY of the murder charges that were headlining my name. Looking back, O.J. didn't exhibited nothing like an innocent man who just lost his wife prematurely. No outrage, no threats towards an unknown suspect, just a passive Black man who had a passport with a white Bronco, a suicide note, and a high-speed chase with Johnny Law.

We, as Blacks, stand proudly and firm alongside our fallen celebrities (i.e. Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Kobe Bryant) -- we necessitate our love for them and proverbially "ride or die" for them. True, we have our detractors -- but for those who worship the idols of BET and TRL -- we, the faithful, stand steadfast behind those who have given us lifetime of memories. Are we as bad as those who speak praises of Ronald Reagan, when we all know better? Are we as bad as those who will elect a man who started beef with everyone in the WORLD and highlight him as a "man amongst the American public"?!!? I wouldn't say that we are.

But with O.J. firmly placed in this generation's grade-school history books, Kobe, Michael, and Robert gracing our TV screens through award shows, NBA Finals, and music videos, are we really that different?


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